Pineapple Chunk Strain Review

Regarded by many as being an exotic strain, Pineapple Chunk is an indica dominant and is rightfully seen as being one of the most potent strains around. How potent? Regular tests show that the THC levels sit anywhere between 16% and 26% while the CBD levels remain pretty consistent at the 1% mark.

A winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2009, it is no surprise to discover that individuals are reaching all new highs with this strain making it one of the favorite varieties out on the market at this moment in time. Complete with full-body effects that are difficult to miss, this strain is held in high-regards by the breeders behind it and those that carry it like Encanto dispensary of Phoenix AZ.

With the high, those that use Pineapple Chunk on a recreational basis report that it lasts for longer than you would normally expect. Indeed, this is the kind of stuff that will leave you just sitting on the couch blissfully unaware of what else is going on in the world. When you then add in the fact that this is one smooth strain to smoke, then you have something that will blast you into another dimension.

One thing to remember is that this strain is a bit on the smelly side, but then the impact of it is just so amazing that you will probably not care that much.

However, thanks to the balance of the high THC levels with the modest CBD levels, Pineapple Chunks is also helpful for individuals that use marijuana for medical purposes. Not only will it work well in reducing pain, but it will also prove to be useful in helping to crack insomnia. Your only concern should be that this is a strain deemed to not be suitable for people suffering from depression or anxiety as it may induce feelings of both paranoia as well as anxiety in some individuals.

Finally, if you plan on growing this on your own, then you are looking at approximately 60 days in total. It is seen as being easy to grow so is ideal for the novice with you able to grow both indoor as well as outdoor due to its resilience.

The strain is available in an autoflowering version as well from its creators at Barney’s Farm making it even easier for those that are new to cannabis cultivation. Overall, Pineapple Chunk is a winner for a number of pretty important reasons.

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