PotNetwork Holding is Cornering a Big Share of the Cannabis Market

The Farming Bill of 2014 has won a significant victory for hemp and cannabis producers which can now conduct research on the medical properties of the cannabis plant. It will also allow them to cultivate, nurture, and promote the crop. This, consequently, will also strengthen the other industries, such as paper and construction, that depend a great deal on the quality of industrial hemp.

Still, each state has to fight its own legal battle, and progress depends on the dedication of the main players committed to growing the industry, as well as the often desperate families who can benefit from tapping the medicinal properties of cannabis.While any images of green leaves can send tremors of disquiet to the uninformed who still associate hemp with addictive substances, medicinal oil is often welcome, and seen as unobtrusive but quietly effective.

One company that is slowly but steadily introducing the benefits of the plant, especially through its cannabidiol or cannabis oil, is PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). This industry game-changer has discovered ingenious and effective ways of using cannabis to improve the lifestyles of the average hardworking man and/or woman as well as their families. 

The company is a recognized global industry leader that is educating consumers about the fact that cannabis is a source of many healthy and highly useful consumer items. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Diamond CBD, PotNetwork produces and distributes various high-quality cannabidiol-based (CBD) or infused products—from medical supplements, kiddie candies, vaporizers, healing oils, facial cream, to pet food. It is important to note that the ingredient that makes pot addictive to its users is not present in these products.

The Huffington Post recently recognized PotNetwork as one of the five top companies spearheading the CBD industry revolution and its growing global market. As the article notes, “PotNetwork is dedicated to the research, development, and multi-national distribution of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives.”

“The company controls more than 15 CBD recognizable brands marketed at thousands of retail stores around the country through its subsidiary Diamond CBD Inc. These products include CBD oils, edible gummies, vape pens, vape additives, pet products, and more, and are available in 100’s of flavors and sizes,” the feature added.

The recognition comes at a time where the market growth is propelled by the widening variety in the usage of cannabis, and particularly, of its cannabidiol compound. This industry is set to reach a value of $20 billion in just two years, and PotNetwork is in the position to take advantage of this with its growing product list.

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