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Products Derived from Cannabis

Quebec, the beautiful French-speaking province of Canada, has witnessed a significant breakthrough in the cannabis industry. The market for cannabis has found a great place in the homes of Quebec. With the legal age to consume and purchase cannabis set at 21, many youngsters are looking to buy cannabis products for recreational purposes.

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Here is a list of some products derived from cannabis. The products are as follows and can be categorized into two categories. The products can even overlap the two categories.



Cannabis oil is one of the most popular derivatives of cannabis. It is available in a variety of forms and is a pretty wide-ranging category in its own right. CBD oils have lower traces of THC. If you are looking for the high (that accompanies marijuana consumption), this is not for you.

However, cannabis oil is extremely useful. It is known to provide relief in instances of pain, nausea, and anxiety. Further, it does not cause any psychoactive reactions.

One of the most popular uses of cannabis oil can be seen as a treatment for epilepsy. Epidiolex, a form of pharmaceutical CBD oil, has been used to treat certain forms of epilepsy.

Also, it may be available as CBD tinctures, as e-liquid in vape pens, etc. 


An alternative to the cannabis edibles, cannabis capsules are popular among those who want to take cannabis for medicinal purposes, as opposed to recreational purposes.

Many doctors do prescribe cannabis capsule pills for treatment. However, cannabis capsules are still a great choice for someone looking to get the job done.



Cannabis beverages are another up and coming product derived from cannabis. With major Quebec-based cannabis companies connecting and merging with cannabis beverage companies to establish a joint venture, cannabis beverages might be found in Quebec’s homes. Cocktails infused with cannabis, cannabis cola, fruit punch, cannabis beer, and coffee are some of the cannabis-based drinks.

Given the limits and constraints imposed on the production of cannabis beverages, it has become difficult to find good quality cannabis beverages.  


Edibles are another popular category of products derived from cannabis. The common cannabis edibles include cannabis muffins, cannabis chocolates, cannabis candies, and other sweet edibles.

To prevent cannabis from being consumed by children, Quebec legislators have passed legislation requiring the packaging to be plain and simple and the edibles to have lower degrees of THC.

Chocolates are certainly becoming popular among people who want to try cannabis legally, and not by the conventional ‘smoking a joint’ way.


Cannabis rolling papers are made of hemp, a derivative of the cannabis plant. Used for rolling joints, they are an extremely searched commodity derived from cannabis. Available in different shapes and sizes, it is used by many for their solo sessions or group hangouts.

In conclusion, cannabis is used for more than just getting high. It is an ever-expanding industry and even now continues to evolve.



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