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Six Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver and What You Will Find There

Denver weed storesSince the passing of the Colorado state legislation in September of 2013, legalizing the purchase and possession of marijuana for non-card holding adults, new marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over the place. In fact, approximately $700 million worth of recreational marijuana was sold in Colorado last year, the first full year that the law was in effect.

If you enjoy the occasional date with Mary Jane, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the array of choices. Walking into one of these places, with countless strains and methods of consumption available, can be a bit overwhelming to a novice. How should you pick which business to lend your support? Well, the answer to that somewhat depends on your preferred method of delivery. How do you like to reap the benefits of this miracle plant?  Are you a smoker? Do you prefer the desired effect to be delivered via vaporizer, baked into a tasty treat, or absorbed out of a lollipop? Well, you won’t know until you try all of the options!

Consumers are permitted by state law to possess up to one ounce of weed at any given time. Try sampling several separate Denver-area dispensaries to discover a select few that really float your boat. With marijuana finally legalized in Denver, you can embrace the diversity that all of these different stores offer. There are a considerable number of dispensaries in the Denver area. Let’s take a look at a selection of six successful recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver and what they offer:

The Giving Tree of Denver

If you happen to be in the Highlands neighborhood, check out this little gem. What started as a medical marijuana dispensary in 2009, now serves both medical and recreational users. The Giving Tree claims to have the largest edibles selection in the city of Denver. This retail store features edible sweet treats such as brownies, cookies, caramels, THC sugar for baking and medicated coffees. In addition to edibles, The Giving Tree offers tinctures, hash, and good ol’ fashioned “loose leaf” marijuana.


Euflora is a rapidly booming dispensary chain that now operates out of several locations. You will find Euflora’s Denver-area storefronts on 16th Street Mall, Gunclub Road, and Buckley Road. Their dispensaries offer a wide variety of cannabis bearing products, as well as devices and other niche items such as apparel. In each Euflora store, consumers will find a vast assortment of strains on display for up close examination. Their edibles menu features sparkling elixirs, a variety of chocolate bars and truffles, candy, and tinctures.

Evergreen Apothecary

When you enter Evergreen Apothecary, you will behold a feast for the eyes – roughly 30 strains of marijuana will be presented in beautiful glass jars throughout the establishment. With a rotation of 60 house-grown, organic, hand-picked strains, Evergreen Apothecary is bound to aid in your quest for the perfect strain. While high-quality strains are their main feature, they also offer infused topical salves, oils, and a variety of edibles.


Located on Elm Street in Denver, Dank specializes in high-quality ganja, particularly hybrid strains, and consistently has a large selection on hand. For those with medical cards, Dank offers a 20% discount to anyone who registers them as their official grower. Talk about a plan for “growth”! In addition, Dank also offers a variety of edibles, concentrates, beverages, and paraphernalia.

Natural Remedies LoDo’s Dispensary

For those who fancy doing their reefer purchasing while downtown, Natural Remedies Dispensary on Market Street has you covered. With an ever evolving menu, LoDo’s dispensary offers indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana to both medical and recreational users. All products are locally grown and pre-packaged. Their racks are also stocked to the brim with chocolates,  mints, candies, cookies, tinctures and vaporizer pens. And if you want to try growing your own you’ll find some of the best hps grow lights in Denver to get started with.

Medicine Man Dispensary

Medicine Man claims that they have “grown to be the largest single marijuana dispensary in the state of Colorado!” They offer over 30 strains of marijuana, including indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties, grown on site. Looking to try your hand at growing? A 30-day guarantee is offered on all of their clones. They also host daily discounts specials such as $130 for a top-shelf ounce on Tuesdays, a 10-pack of premium joints for $40 on Thursdays, and buy-one-get-one edibles on Mondays. Medicine Man has a large selection of edibles including mints, granola, gum, and cookies. You will also discover tinctures and concentrates among their selection. Medicine Man Dispensary is located a hop, skip, and jump from the airport, on Nome Street.



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