Strain Review: Cindy 99

IMG_0726Cindy 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for a high THC count, dense nug structure, and sweet potent smell. Originally coming from seeds by breeders Brothers Grimm, Cindy 99 is said to be a cross of Sensi Star (typically a heavy, sleepy indica) and Jack Herer (a heady sativa dominant strain named for the famed grower and cannabis advocate), and can now be found in both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries around the country crossed into other popular strains like Glass Slipper and Cindy White.

Cindy 99 is great for an uplifting effect that tends to start as a head high and settle into an overall euphoric feeling that is great for pain relief without too much of a heavy, sleepy feeling. Sativa dominant strains can often run the spectrum between a lighter, more energetic high and a stoney head effect, but most batches of Cindy 99 will be the best of all worlds. Growers tend to love this strain because of the high yields and dense nugs not typical of a sativa strain; whereas many sativa strains tend to grow long and thin, Cindy 99 is a more rare sativa that will produce the thick kolas and rounded buds of many indica-dominant strains.

Many batches encountered at different dispensaries test well above 20+, which not only accounts for the strong effect but also means that the keif and crystals are in great supply. This is the kind of bud that is not only sticky, but will leave kief dust on the inside of the jar or bag. When broken apart, it has a sweet and fruity smell that is sure to make most connoisseurs mouths water. The taste lives up to the smell, with a refreshing effect on the palate that tastes great whether rolled, vaped, or in glass.

Despite the high yield, Colorado dispensaries tend to run out of this strain quickly since it is so good, so if you come across Cindy 99 in your local dispensary, it is a must-try for any kind of smoker!

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