Taking Marijuana Marketing to the Next Level with Video Strategy

When it comes to promoting your marijuana products and brands online, you need to think outside the box. Great content and expressive storytelling can take you a long way but nothing compares with the value of videos for engaging with the audience. A video strategy, therefore, is the best thing you can invest in for taking your marijuana marketing plan to the next level. But running an effective video strategy is more than creating and uploading random videos because this approach wouldn’t get you the results you expect. Rather, you should follow a clear plan of action that has the potential to drive engagement, education, and awareness. Here are some smart ideas that can help you create a winning video marketing strategy.

Follow the target audience

The secret to creating the most compelling video content lies in understanding the target audience. Typically, you can explore a great variety in visual pieces, from educational clips to product videos, explainers, customer testimonials, influencer interviews, and brand videos. While a mix is desirable, the kind of content to focus on depends on the audience you are targeting. For example, educational and explainer clips are great for beginners while product and brand videos would be ideal for seasoned weed lovers. If the audience gets the content they love, they will reach out and share it with others as well.

Be visible on the right platforms

Creating great videos is only half the work done as you have to ensure that they are visible on the right platforms as well. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have been popular for some time, but the weedtube has taken over the market by storm. Although the platform is much like YouTube, it is specifically meant for cannabis lovers. Being visible here means that your brand connects with just the right audience and has better chances to gain traction with the posts. Remember that different platforms have their specifications, so ensure that your content fits them. Bear in mind the platform-specific demographics because you would want to produce targeted content for the users there.

Focus on brand awareness

Successful marketing strategies are sustainable. Follow this rule with your videos so that you can derive the benefits quickly and keep getting them over time. Rather than churning out pieces that have just short-lived entertainment value, focus on content that has sustainable value. Essentially, they should have a face and tone of voice that replicate your brand’s personality and relate to the audience as well. Prioritize brand value by sticking to a compelling narrative and unique style that makes your videos stand apart. Pay attention to quality because that’s what will keep people coming back for more. Apart from branding, the videos should also have an informative value to serve the audience.

Great videos can boost your branding strategy to a significant extent, but only if you are consistent with them. Ensure that you are visible at places that matter and stay connected with the audience through compelling posts at regular intervals.

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