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The Different Types of CBD Products

CBD oil is a versatile product that can be used in several ways to help improve a person’s health. Although a potent source of helpful cannabinoids, it would be advisable to understand the various benefits and disadvantages of using various types of CBD products.

An excellent example of this, are CBD products marketed for ease of use and convenience, and those known for their potency. CBD products with a high concentration of CBD oil however have a higher demand when compared to those loaded with various (delicious) flavors. Unlike most products, CBD oil doesn’t trigger side effects even when taken in high doses. Some products can be taken with (or mixed with) food and drinks too. You can also use several CBD products at a go without overdosing. Take a look at Save on Cannabis for a great range of products. Outlined below are the different types of CBD products.

  1. Capsules

CBD can come packed in dissolvable capsules. These capsules make taking CBD relatively easier and are convenient too. The capsules are often loaded in concentrated CBD (hemp oil) in powder form. The capsules are small and discreet making them easy to carry around. In addition to this, these capsules are tasteless and odourless making them the perfect choice for individuals that don’t like the taste of CBD Oil.

One of the advantages of using capsules is the fact that you can track your intake and serving size. In addition to this, you can measure your preferred dosage size accurately, and even plan well when purchasing the same. This means you can order capsules to last you for several days, or even months.

Capsules however come with a limitation.  Finding a sweet spot (dosage) for the desired results might be a challenge considering these come in a per-capsule serving size.  Taking several capsules at one go might not be the best way to get the desired results. To avoid this, you might want to use capsules alongside CBD gum or tinctures to find your sweet spot.

  1. Gum

If you are always on the go but still want to use CBD, CBD chewing gum provides a convenient and easy way to infuse it to your lifestyle. Among other benefits, CBD gum is easy to carry around thus providing you with the convenience you desire.

CBD gums are considered more discreet and convenient when compared to capsules. This is because you can consume then wherever and whenever you feel like. This is unlike vaporizers and capsules that may not be so convenient in certain areas. Although vaporizers provide a convenient way to use CBD, they aren’t meant to be showcased everywhere in public.

CBD gums come in different flavourful varieties. You can choose between the various flavours ranging from mint to hemp flavour.

Like capsules, adjusting the serving size of CBD gums can be intimidating.  CBD concentration in these chewing gums is however dependent on the size of the gum.  You might however be able to find a sweet spot by combining the gum with tinctures and CBD oil. 

  1. Tincture

Tinctures are one of the popular forms of CBD on the market today. Most companies sell CBD oil in tincture form for it is convenient and versatile. It is also worth noting that these tinctures are available in a wide range of flavours and CBD concentration. Finding your preferred dosage for a sweet spot with tinctures is very easy too. All you need to do is decrease or increase dosage through drops. This means precise serving for the best results.

Tinctures are administered sublingually hence absorbed directly into the body.  Users may also mix tinctures with beverages too.  The only downside with using tinctures is the fact that they aren’t as discreet and portable as capsules and gums.

  1. Topicals

Topical CBD is available in the form of creams, balms, and lotions. This form is particularly preferred when targeting a specific part of the body. Topicals can/are used to treat inflammation, pain, and stiffness in various regions/parts. Many people suffering from muscle and joint pains use topicals for precise application and fast relief.

The only downside with topicals is the fact that they have to be absorbed through the skin. It can take a while for the CBD to take effect.  CBD topicals are also an expensive option when compared to tinctures, gums, and capsules.

  1. Oil

CBD oil is the purest form of CBD you can find on the market. It packs the highest percentage of concentrated CBD.  CBD oil is therefore the most preferred form of CBD today, thanks to its purity. As you might have guessed, it contains no artificial sweeteners or flavourings.  If looking to tap into the numerous benefits of CBD, then CBD oil is your best bet. CBD oil can be used topically, orally, and even mixed with food and drinks.

These are the five forms of CBD on the market today. Be sure to pick the right type based on the application and preferences. You should also consider purchasing these from trusted suppliers.



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