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The Most Popular Cannabis Edibles in Seattle

The popularity of cannabis-infused edibles has exploded in recent years. 

From the obscure, homemade treats of only the most die-hard cannabis enthusiasts to being stocked in hundreds of Seattle dispensaries, edibles are fast becoming one of the most popular cannabis products.  

For many, especially those who are turning to cannabis for its medicinal properties, the idea of thick, potent clouds of smoke is a huge turn off. Edibles are seen as a much softer and accessible option. And for those who are dabbling with cannabis for the first time, edibles are a safe and easy entry point. 

If edibles are your bag, read on. We are going to run down all you need to know before you buy edibles, and highlight some of the most popular and sought after edibles Seattle has to offer. 

Cannabis edibles – what you need to know

Edibles are a great, hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. 

There is nothing to roll, no device to charge up or clean, and no accessories needed. You simply unwrap them and enjoy. 

There are, however, a few minor details you should consider to maximize your edible enjoyment. 

Dietary requirements and allergies 

Like any food product, the world of cannabis edibles caters to a wide range of consumers. No matter what your specific requirements are, there is a cannabis-infused snack out there waiting for you. 

Firstly, always check the packing for any allergy warnings. There are plenty of options out there for people with nut, dairy, or any other type of allergy. 

You’re a vegan? Not to worry. There are a ton of milk-free chocolate edibles and other vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 

Full-spectrum, single source, extract

One of the key differences between different cannabis edibles is the source of the active ingredients. Whether it’s  CBD or THC, there are two main ways that these products source cannabinoids. 

The first is single source. Single source means that the edible is infused with ingredients from one single strain, which is usually displayed on the packaging. These products will have all the goodness from the plant inside them – the THC, CBD, terpenes, essential oils, and all other lesser-known cannabinoids. 

Other products contain extracts. This means the THC (or CBD, depending on your choice) has been extracted and isolated from the rest of the cannabis plant. Sometimes these products will have terpene extracts added to give them the flavor and aroma of cannabis.

Okay, no we’ve got the admin out of the way, let’s take a look at some edibles that are taking Seattle by storm. 

Non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages

Let’s start with some refreshing and euphoric cannabis beverages!

Ray’s Lemonade

Ray’s Lemonade is one of the oldest cannabis beverages on the market. Produced right here in Washington State by large-scale cannabis manufacturers, Dogtown Pioneers, every single drop of cannabis in their bottles is grown in-house and onsite to ensure top quality and consistency. 

Their flagship lemonade flavor is bursting with citrus vibes and that old-school lemonade stand nostalgia. Ray’s Lemonade is also available in blood orange, huckleberry, strawberry, and other mouthwatering blends. 

Their drinks are fast-acting and bring about a calm and euphoric high. You can grab them in a range of strengths, from 25mg THC per bottle all the way up to 100mg.

Dreaming of Passionfruit 

I mean, who doesn’t want the tropical vibes of fresh passionfruit in a cannabis beverage?

Great for beating anxiety, winding down, and a relaxed game night. These little bottles pack a friendly, stress-relieving, and mentally stimulating high. Perfect for those who want to turn up at the party but don’t drink alcohol. 

This tangy treat is produced by Major, who claim to be the best-selling cannabis beverage producer in the whole of Washington. And if you’ve tasted this fruity number, it’s hard to disagree with them. 

If you love this, you’ll want to try out their Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, and Grape varieties. 

With 100mg of THC into each bottle, Major is playing with some major strength here. Expect a long-lasting high that takes effect after 10-15 minutes. 


The world of cannabis edibles would be a duller place indeed if it weren’t for these indulgent, rich, chocolatey morsels. 

THC Dark Chocolate – by Spot

Spot’s website says they have an ‘uncompromising obsession with the highest quality ingredients’ and this claim is backed up by the rich and deep flavours of their best selling product. 

Spot produced the first legal cannabis-infused chocolate in Washington and is also responsible for the first cannabis chews. They’re at the top of their game, and the quality of their products matches their experience.

Made from French couvert chocolate, these treats deliver a creamy hit, followed by a warm and energetic high that is perfect if you need a buzz that doesn’t crash your productivity. 

You’ll get ten pieces per pack, each one infused with 10mg of pure THC. The edibles market is still in its early days, but you won’t be far wrong to label these elegant edibles as a modern classic. 

Renew 4.20 Legacy 

Brought to you by the prestigious Venice Cookie Company, straight out of Venice Beach, CA. 

These treats blend equal parts THC and CBD for a complete therapeutic high that ticks all the right boxes. Not only this, they cram each bite with a range of superfoods for a holistic effect you can’t find anywhere else. 

Your immune system will love the addition of turmeric, elderberry, and ginger. Who knew getting high could be so healthy?

Milk Chocolate Happy Peanuts

Decadent milk chocolates mixed with salty, crunchy peanuts. I mean, this would be a snack of choice even without the inclusion of cannabis, but luckily we don’t need to make that choice. 

You’re getting a whopping 100mg of THC in each portion; these are some serious heavy hitters. You’ll get a nice warm and relaxing vibe from these, perfect for a chillout Sunday and an empty schedule. 

Wave Edibles, the company that makes these prime pieces of peanuty goodness, was founded by a master chocolatier, so you know not a single expense has been spared to produce these top-shelf delights. 


Gummies are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of edibles. With a lower price tag than some of the more artisan products like luxury chocolates, they’re perfect for quick and economical high and easy to take with you when you’re on the go. 

Sinners and Saints Pomegranate Gummies

You might be familiar with Sinners and Saints from their in-demand hard candy sweets. Well, they’re back, this time chewier and bursting with more flavour than ever. 

They’re not holding back and have brought their signature mouthwatering sourness to the gummy game. Available in nine different tongue-twisting flavors and three levels of potency, Sinners and Saints have something for everyone. 

Perfect for passing around and sharing with friends. You’ll feel a slow release and long-lasting euphoria that fills you with energy and creativity. 

Journeyman Tropical Jellies

‘Naturally radical and radically natural’ is the journeyman tagline. 

Made with real fruit and all-natural ingredients, Journeyman products are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. They really have all bases covered. 

Expect a balanced and long-lasting high, combined with the taste of sunshine in every bite. These variety packs are loaded with pineapple, passion fruit, and mango.

Journeyman caters for every cannabis need. Their jellies are available in 10mg THC, 10mg THC + 10mg CBD, and 30mg CBD + 1mg THC.

Capsules and Tablets

Here we begin to move away from the traditional idea of edibles. Not a space cake or weed brownie in sight. Capsules and tablets are a no thrills way of getting THC and CBD into your system. Simple, discrete, and to the point. 

Fairwinds Lifestyle Capsules 

Fairwinds positions itself as a wellness and health company, so it’s only natural they don’t waste time infusing their cannabis extract into chocolate bars and candies. 

Their capsules are great for travelers, hikers, and adventurers. They won’t take up too much space at the bottom of your backpack, and they have no unhealthy sugars or additives. 

Their lifestyle capsules come in both Sativa and Indica blends, both of which have 10mg of THC per cap. 

The unique ingredient here is the avocado oil they use as a carrier for their cannabis extracts. Avocado oil is gaining traction as a prescription drug and supplement additive. It has anti-inflammatory properties and doesn’t have the same oily texture as other carriers. 

Besides the Sativa and Indica caps, they have a wide range of CBD products and full-spectrum capsules. 

Random selections

A few choice picks plucked from the mixing bag. Not what you’d usually expect from cannabis edibles…

June’s Sweets and Savories Jalapeno Ranch Pretzels

When you think of edibles, the first thing that comes to mind are brownies, chocolates, and gummies. But Junes’ Sweets and Savories have been doing some outside-of-the-box thinking. 

These savory nuggets pack a punch in more ways than. The salty and fiery flavor hit from these bad boys puts them in a category of their own. But don’t be fooled; once the burn wears off, a satisfying and chilled out high begins to spread to every corner of your body. 

June’s Jalapeno Ranch Pretzels are seriously moreish, but with 100mg of THC in each pack, you’re going to have to exercise some serious self-restraint not to demolish the whole batch. 

Cannabis-infused jalapeno pretzels bring a whole new meaning to ‘getting twisted.’ If this is your bag, you can also pick up nacho cheese and original ranch flavor. 

Kind Bites Rice Krispy Bar

You thought rice krispy bars were reserved only for kids’ lunchboxes? Think again. 

One thing for sure, these old-school throwbacks will have you grinning like a child. Kind Bites produce their edibles in small batches, ensuring that every mouthful is as fresh as can be. Made with infused butter and topped up with distillate, these little treats tick so many boxes.

You can grab them in original, fruity, strawberry, and cookies and cream varieties (I didn’t even know you could get regular rice crispy bars in these flavours) so there truly is something for everyone. 

Keeping up with the trends, all their products are available packed with THC, CBD, and the hot new thing, Delta 8. 

Cannabees Pure Honey

This is one of the most versatile edibles products out there, and an excellent addition for anyone who likes to experiment and create their own cannabis recipes at home.

The options here are endless; you can spread it on toast, dip a spoonful in a cup of tea, create a whole range of cannabis desserts, or even make a barbeque marinade from it. Not to mention the good work that’s supporting the flagging bee population in North America. 

Cannabis Pure Honey contains 100mg of THC per jar. Alternatively, their 5:1 variety has the added bonus of 10mg of CBD. 

So there we have it. If you have a sweet tooth, or prefer savory edibles, this list is an excellent jumping-off point to immerse yourself in the world of edible cannabis. 

Whichever delicacy you pick, there’s no room for disappointment. All the products featured are made lovingly from top-quality ingredients, all to bring the highest level of satisfaction to your taste buds, as well as your body and mind. 

Remember, enjoy your edibles responsibly. It’s all too easy to tear your way through a whole bag of pretzels or gummies and forget they’re loaded with high potency THC. 

Edibles are notorious for the delay between eating and the onset of the effects. Don’t be impatient, eat a few mouthfuls and wait a couple of hours for the high to set in before you start devouring more!



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