Tips for Choosing a Marijuana Pipe

For those who are just getting started, it can be overwhelming to go through the sea of options when it comes to smoking cannabis. There is a huge array of bongs and pipes to pick from and each one is suited to different needs. However, you do not need to worry as this post will guide you on choosing the best.

If you are a beginner marijuana smoker, or just don’t like to get too high, then you will want to get something unassuming and relatively small. It is not advisable to get equipment that’s best suited for experienced smokers, such as a huge glass bong. Also, it’s important to know that the material is an imperative consideration to make as materials such as plastic or glass can have substantially different effectiveness at delivering smoke and varying cleaning methods. Take a look at Aux Ark Trading for a range of pipes to find the one that best suits you.

Hand Pipes

A hand pipe is a perfect solution for a novice. Hand pipes fit in the palm of your hand, as the name implies, and are perfect for the casual individuals who like to smoke may once or twice a day. There are plenty of places that you can find high-quality hand pipes including online stores. Hand pipes are often made of glass, but there are metal or plastic variations from certain manufacturers. However, you should be careful with your selection as smaller hand pipes made of glass can be really hard to clean and you will have to rinse it with acetone on a regular basis if you want the pipe to be in a perfect condition throughout.

Glass variants also tend to break easily, so, you will need to be careful. Also, ensure that the holes are the ideal size because if they are too small, you will have a hard time smoking and experience even more difficulty when cleaning. On the other hand, if the holes are too large, you’ll need to put a stopper to the bowl in order to prevent your cannabis from falling in. Lastly, ensure that the glass of high quality and thick as it will be harder to break, which will save you some stress. 

Water Pipes

For the experienced cannabis smoker looking for an upgrade, a water pipe is undoubtedly the answer. A water pipe is also commonly known as a bong. It features a percolation chamber which transforms smoke into water vapor, thus alleviating the harshness of the hit and ultimately making your experience cleaner and smoother. Water pipes or bongs come in varying shapes and sizes and range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and even custom artistry potential.

However, it is easy to find one that suits you perfectly and unless you want a huge manmade bong with all the trimmings you desire, you will not be spending upwards of 20 dollars. However, at this price, most are usually made of metal and plastic which are less ideal when it comes to delivering the best hit possible. Smoke shops have a huge selection of bongs, but it’s more likely that you will find the best glass deals online.

One-Hitters & Beyond

If you are the on-the-go type or an ultra-casual smoker, then you may want to consider looking into water pipes and hand pipes alternatives. That are one-hitters out there, which are basically small metal castings that you pack with a bud and hit like a cigarette. These are excellent in places where you want to be very low-key regarding your marijuana usage.

If you fancy the traditional gentleman’s pipe, well you would be glad to know that it can work just as well as a conventional hand pipe but this depends on its make and model. Wood pipes can also give you a special texture and flavor that other pipes otherwise would and can be a great way to add variety to your cannabis smoking experience.

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