Vape Juices and CBD Oils You Definitely Need to Try

You walk into your local smoke shop and look around, getting lost in all of the choices. You are needing to purchase new, premium juice for your vape pen because the last one you had wasn’t that great; however, you are a little confused by the differences between the various brands in front of you. You also aren’t completely sure which juices are good quality for the price you are willing to pay.

Vape juices (and THC vape juice) and CBD oils are so ubiquitous nowadays—they are everywhere and there are almost too many brands to choose from online and in stores.

How do you know the best premium brand to choose? And does popular or readily available always mean premium?

According to Vaping 360, the differences between a premium and regular vape juice are obvious:


  • Consistent taste per bottle
  • Complex and accurate recipes
  • Proprietary or rare flavorings
  • Smaller batch size
  • Unique tasting
  • Traceability per bottle
  • Harder for DIYers to clone


  • Susceptible to inconsistency
  • Generic recipes
  • Off-the-shelf flavorings
  • Made for mass consumption
  • Tastes like other brands
  • No traceability
  • Easier to replicate

Let’s take a look at a few brands of premium vape juice as well as CBD oil to help you in your search. Click on the product names to go directly to their website.

Black Note is a NET (naturally-extracted tobacco) e-liquid that has been rated highly for quality and flavor. Their products are free from unnecessary chemicals that other brands include, and they are also free from dyes, artificial colors, sweeteners, and other additives. These qualities are definitely ones that many people are currently looking for in their e-liquids or juices. They have flavors ranging from Kentucky Tobacco and Menthol Blend to a more mild and sweet Virginia Tobacco and a unique Cuban Cigar Blend.

On a lighter note, Glas has award-winning flavors and is of premium quality. The brand includes fun and refreshing tastes such as Pound Cake, Caribbean Punch, Cool Melon, Mango Tango, and Fizzy Lemonade. Founder Sean Glas states “Glas™ E-Liquid possesses great elegance, with wonderful persistence on the finish, crafted through careful complexity and uncompromising perfection.” It is definitely a quality and luxurious brand worth checking out.

This brand is almost a combination of the traditional tobacco flavors from Black Note and the more sweet and zesty from Glas. They offer a wide array of tastes from salty to fruity and tobacco to fusion flavors. “Using only the highest-quality ingredients and striving to deliver only the best flavors and customer service, Naked 100 continues to grow and receive critical acclaim worldwide.”

Next, let’s take a look at some of the best CBD oils currently out on the market. The company Tuck conducted research on the best CBD oil for sleep by looking at 106 brands of CBD. According to their findings, the best and most effective non-THC CBD oil is Medterra. They have a variety of products for people and pets, and not only for sleep; Medterra offers CBD oil for pain, anxiety, and overall health and wellness.

PureKana has been rated as one of the best on several “best of CBD” lists. They have been rated highly by Forbes, Medical Daily, Shopping CBD, and many others. The company produces oils, gummies, capsules, topicals, and goodies for your pets as well. They also have premium hemp vape pens. PureKana has especially great reviews associated with pain relief.

The CBDistillery is rated highly among those looking for more affordable CBD. They offer similar types of products as other companies, just a bit less pricey. CBDistillery also has been seen on Tuck and Forbes as well as The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today.

No matter what strength, flavor, or price you are searching for, there are numerous vape juices and CBD oils out on the market for you to choose from. It may require a bit of research, but by typing proper keywords into your browser, you’ll be bound to find the right one for your wants and needs.

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