Vaping vs. Going Cold Turkey

Since the pandemic hit the globe, people have become more health-conscious, especially the smoking community. While going cold turkey to quit smoking is not an option for everyone (we know that the struggle is real), many aspiring quitters switch to vaping and e-cigarettes to make the transition from smoker to non-smoker easier.

Numerous cases have proven that vaping is an effective and reliable way to get rid of dangerous smoking habits. Compared to regular cigarettes, the nicotine of e-cigarettes contains fewer toxins. Many tobacco smokers were introduced to smoking through their friends and family – we can categorize them as social smokers. Another big benefit of vaping is that you still get to stay social, hang out with your smoking buddies, and consume nicotine – without burning tobacco and with fewer toxins.

Many people have the wrong idea about vaping. They think it’s all about the flavors and that it is not harmful or addictive. The truth is that e-cigs can be addictive; however, compared to regular cigarettes, vapes aren’t as harmful. That said, for anyone who is planning to switch to vaping and bidding goodbyes to tobacco cigarettes, they should only switch when they know that they won’t be returning to tobacco cigs and that they will eventually let go of vapes and e-liquids/ cigs as well.

Are there other ways of quitting tobacco besides vaping?

As a tobacco smoker, you have to keep your options open as you find practical ways to quit smoking. The ideal way to do so is by going cold turkey. However, only a few people have that kind of willpower and strong determination to let go of tobacco outright in one push.

Letting go of any addiction is hard, and letting go of tobacco and the cravings for nicotine is especially hard. This explains why many people relapse and fall back to smoking after a few days of going smoke-free. People also seek therapies for nicotine replacement and even consume medication to assist with their desire to quit.

Although no vaping device, such as e-cigs and e-liquids, has been officially proved as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, it is a widely accepted fact that they are less harmful sources of consuming nicotine. There are countless instances where vaping has helped people to quit smoking. Therefore, it is safe to say that vaping is an effective method that allows people to ditch their regular cigarettes, eventually go smoke-free, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Why do people fail at going cold turkey?

As a smoker of tobacco cigarettes, it shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine why most people fail at going cold turkey. They might have tried going cold turkey numerous times but relapsed to smoking again. The option of going cold turkey is only for those who are disciplined and have a strong mental caliber to withstand the temptation of smoking. The level of one’s determination and resiliency plays an essential part in allowing people to have success with going cold turkey.

On the other hand, most people find it physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging to let go of their smoking habit without support. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine are quite hard for most people to handle. Simply put, the success rate of going cold turkey is quite low as compared to other cessation methods. And vaping is proving to be one of the best ways to quit.

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