Verified CBD

Verified CBD is a manufacturer supplier of oils, capsules, gummies, sprays, and more containing various amounts of CBD. This company has been going strong since 2014 and offers products that are organic and pure. They are known for using high quality technology to offer the best possible products. The facilities used by Verified CBD follow all regulations and Good Manufacturing processes to provide excellent products for their customers. All products are also tested by a third-party to ensure accurate results.

One of the unique factors of Verified CBD is that they focus on products that can be used by anyone. These products are not intended for expert users but are built for the average person who has an issue that CBD oils might help with. Pharmaceutical grade testing is one way this is done. Everything from potency to levels of heavy metals, terpene profiles, pesticides, and microbiological contamination are considered before any product goes for sale. Testing occurs in Miami, Florida at a PETA Cruelty Free location.

Verified CBD also cares about how their manufacturing and end products affect the environment. In that vein, the products are made without any poisonous chemicals and without any damage to the ozone label. This is largely different from other manufacturers who may produce their products synthetically, which can be toxic to people and harmful to the earth.

Most customers who have used Verified CBD products find that is reliable in terms of providing pure product. The company is also a direct manufacturer who is not a broker or private labeler. According to estimates, there are more than 75,000 customers who are satisfied with the products provided by the manufacturing company. All in all, the brand is reliable, environmentally-friendly, and capable of providing excellent products.

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