What Does the Future of Vaping Look Like?

E-cigarettes are the newest innovation in the world of smoking and they’re taking the world by storm. They’re a modern take on an old practice, instead of burning tobacco e-liquids are vaporised through a heated coil. Unlike they’re old school counterparts, e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavours and many different stylish, sleek designs. New flavours and designs are being created all the time as the e-cig market rapidly grows; this is a big change from traditional cigarettes which have remained essentially the same for decades. E-cigs are an exciting change for a previously stagnant market, an accessible alternative to cigarettes that have been the spark for a thriving new community, the creation of thousands of jobs and a change in the way that people consume nicotine.

So what does the future have in store for this modern device? Well just like mobile phones, the future could be hands-free!

This might sound strange, but just imagine being able to vape on the go, or whilst relaxing in the tub, or reclining on the couch. There’s nothing like this on the market just yet, but it’s definitely on its way.

No hands!

Some e-cigarette devices are shaped just like cigarettes, but unfortunately, it’s not really possible to draw from them without using your hands like you would with a cigarette, at least not yet. Most e-cig devices require you to push a button to operate it, this is the biggest issue with trying to enjoying your e-cig hand free. Weight can also be an issue, although there are already e-cigs out there light enough to clench between your teeth. It’s not possible just yet to enjoy vaping completely hands-free, making them a possible hazard in the car and a problem in some situations, but technology moves quickly. So how are hands-free e-cigarette’s likely to work in the future?

Buttons you can press with your teeth

An advancement we’re likely to see in the future is a button that people can press with their teeth when vaping. The theory is that e-cig devices can be triggered through a mouthpiece or button that can be clenched in the teeth. This should allow for smooth, hands free vaping.

Airflow triggering

One of the possible advancements that many e-cig users would like to see is a device that can detect when the user is drawing from the e-cig and fire the coil in response. This would make vaping much more like smoking and much more familiar for ex-smokers because it would basically mimic the action of smoking. This would require an airflow detector, a kind of sensor and a safety switch. It might take a few generations before we see one light enough and small enough to meet the needs of e-cig users.

Hands free vaping will likely lead to much more convincing cig-alike’s, more efficient vaping and cool new designs. E-cigs are growing steadily in popularity and its creative community of enthusiastic vaper’s is also getting steadily larger every year and introducing new ideas. As demand grows for new features, e-cig companies will introduce exciting new products and designs. Beyond hands-free we might expect to see new sizes, shapes or mechanisms popping up. The vape community is all about innovation and is a fresh take on an old trend, other new advancements are on their way and undoubtedly we should expect devices to get smaller, lighter and more inexpensive as time goes on. It’s also likely that e-liquid formulations will get better and better over time, there’s already thousands of options out there but the future is imminent!

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