What is THC?

Understanding THC

As weed delivery and use continue to grow, consumers become more curious about their options. This includes THC, a natural compound that is usually found in the cannabis genus plants.

Also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is one of the most critical compounds in marijuana. Being psychoactive – this is what sets THC apart from other compounds. It is available in capsules, edibles, oils, tinctures, and more. Sometimes, it is consumed by smoking marijuana.

What does THC do?

A person may feel a range of psychoactive effects as a result of it getting bind to cannabinoid receptors inside the brain. It copies the chemicals that are naturally produced in your body. That’s why you feel “high” after taking it.

How about the uses?

Before deciding to get weed delivery straight from your home, it is crucial to know whether THC is right for you or not.

This compound is said to be beneficial in managing various medical issues, including nausea, inflammation, ADHD, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and cancer. If you’re suffering from sleep or digestive disorder, THC could prove to be beneficial. It can even become useful for providing immediate pain relief and calming anxiety for animals such as dogs.

The Benefits

The compound’s numerous benefits make it sought-after to some. Among these are:

Prevent seizures

Relieve depression

Boost insulin sensitivity

Improve deep sleep

Manage pain

Stimulates appetite

Improve brain

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Prevent the occurrence of cancer


How about the side effects?

With all the benefits, there are also side effects associated with using tetrahydrocannabinol. It can lead to increased anxiety, schizophrenia-similar symptoms, delayed recall time, altered perception, increased cortisol, and reduced mental performance.

There are also instances claiming that highly potent THC can impair divergent thinking and creativity. When used repeatedly, tolerance may likely to occur.

Who should not use THC?

THC usage can be contraindicated for a few conditions. For those with a family history of a mental illness such as schizophrenia must be fully aware of this element because they might only make their situation worse. While people with certain heart conditions may want to excuse themselves from using THC, otherwise, your blood pressure or heart rate may increase.

Breastfeed moms, and pregnant women should also avoid consuming THC. It is also not appropriate for juveniles with a still-developing brain reward system. It is recommended not to combine tetrahydrocannabinol with alcohol. As possible, talk to a specialized physician who has in-depth knowledge about cannabinoids so further issues can be prevented.

Examples of Marijuana Strains

Whether you are looking for a marijuana or cannabis strain to resist stubborn medical symptoms or challenge your tolerance, here are three cases you might want to consider.

Fat Banana

If you’re looking for a heavy indica with knockout power and distinct flavor, Fat Banana is a delicious dank hybrid that complements any palate. It is dessert cannabis with a creeping couch-lock that will possibly take you by surprise.

Amnesia Haze

This marijuana strain is an intricate combination of exotic sativas. Amnesia Haze is known to be dense with fiery musk tangs, tropical citrus flavor, and long-running colas. Jamaican, Original Haze and Southeast Asian heredities all contribute to the uber-potent cannabis cocktail of Amnesia Haze.

Purple Queen

It has citrus, strong earthy, and hash odors that will balm the air. Purple Queen has a 20% touch of THC, hence assuring you a trip to dreamland.

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