Why Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

A myth that is residing in people’s minds regarding cannabis being harmful is not valid. Instead, it possesses a wide range of hidden blessings for bettering the mental health of psychiatric patients.

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To figure out how to menace something that is assessed by its death toll. Keeping that in view, the world lost more than 3 million lives in 2016 due to the frequent usage of alcohol. However, the death toll of the users of cannabis is simply zero. Some people cause accidents on their high but are better than drunk drivers.


Alcohol poisoning is not a minor issue, and many underage youngsters are even suffering from this widespread disease. In contrast to this, there has been no overdose case at all. One has to smoke 238-1,113 joints, which is around 15-70% of ( pure) THC to reach the level alcohol has.


Alcohol addicts worldwide are suffering from dangerous diseases like liver, breast, colon cancers, and other heart diseases. Cannabis majorly affects the lungs, mostly if used with tobacco. The different experiences can be psychotic episodes (specifically in severe cases). Despite this, none has entered this severity.


The smokers at their peak of high, do not have enough energy to get involved in violence or injuries. Although the so-called “safe alcohol” has a long history of having injured patients due to its excessive use. Most of the hospital visits are due to the same drug.


Many people consider marijuana to be the killer of the brain, without pointing out the side effects of alcohol. This is factually untrue. Research also proves that those who have stopped taking alcohol anymore can still experience neurogenesis, which is the formation of new brain cells. In contrast to that, lately, the studies have been finding results that show the stimulation of cannabinoid receptors – they activate neurogenesis.


Weeds are helping many people out there to resolve their chronic pains and other issues, including anxiety and nausea. Doctors prescribe the patients take cannabinoid therapies, where its medical usage is allowed. But after the 1870s, did you ever see a doctor prescribing whiskey to any of his patients?


Undoubtedly, many types of medical cannabis can give relief to the sufferers of anxiety and depression. Although more research is still in progress and required for better treatment.


Weed smokers feel hungry, usually when they are high. But it does not make them apparently fat. Instead, users fall on the lower end of the BMI scale. Whereas, alcohol has calories in it, and is exclusive of nutrients.


I already gave an overview of alcohol users dealing with many types of cancers. But cannabis, too, is not yet a treatment for cancer. Yes, it has been used to relieve symptoms of chemotherapy and some other troublesome physiological symptoms identified along with the disease.


It is scientifically proven that alcohol is linked to the expansion of neurodegenerative diseases; one of them is Alzheimer’s. Cannabis, in this regard, is much more helpful. A little amount of THC is beneficial in reducing the production of beta-amyloid protein. Here again, it is too early to consider cannabis as a proper treatment of this disease.

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