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Electric Grape by Glo Extracts Product Review

Electric Grape

The Electric Grape cartridge from Glo Extracts is a strain that is packed with a punch of taste and a relaxing high to go along with it.  The Sativa driven strain from Glo Extracts is bound to get you feeling good for hours on end. 

The brand new packaging has an awesome design that leaves you with a great first impression as soon as you see the product.  The hype of this product starts when you see the packaging and the taste and high does not disappoint.  This cartridge is uplifting and creates a vibe that is unmatched.


The packaging of the Electric Grape cartridge from Glo Extracts has a great design with some cool features that should be highlighted.  The brand new packaging from Glo Extracts has a slick black and gold design with some interactive features that you get to try out.  The first thing to look for is the “Made In The USA” sticker on it.  This is a great way to verify if your cartridge is authentic.  Glo Extracts prides itself on its verification methods. 

The most important thing to look for on the Glo Extracts packaging is the Glotrack Verification QR Code.  This QR code is the ultimate source of verification that you can find on the packaging.  The QR code when scanned will take you to the lab results part of the Glo Extracts website where you can see exactly what is put into the product straight from the lab.


The Taste

The taste of the electric grape is exactly how it sounds.  It is just an awesome mesh of grape that makes you feel like you’re actually tasting a grape.  Not only that but it gets you feeling great as well with its highly-regarded Sativa qualities. 

Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts is working hard in the community to make sure that everyone is safe and provides them with a verification process to make sure that the product is of the highest quality. 




    • Max - May 15, 2021

      Glo carts are fake asf, eletric grape isnt even a real strain you should never buy this cart.

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