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Here’s Why Everyone Loves Seedy

The combination of expanding cannabis legalization and stay-at-home orders during the Covid pandemic, have created a boom of home cannabis growers. DIY growers can sometimes feel isolated and unsure of where to go for more information about the nuances of growing cannabis. So now more than ever, home cannabis growers are looking for ways to connect with other like-minded cannabis cultivators. The new Seedy app is the perfect platform to meet these needs.

Seedy is designed to connect buyers and sellers in the DIY cannabis cultivation space. With Seedy, you’ll be part of a rapidly expanding network of cannabis enthusiasts.

The Seedy app is unlike any other cannabis app. Seedy is building a community of buyers and sellers interested in all aspects of the cannabis from cultivating to selling. With Seedy’s robust marketplace, users can buy or sell grow tents, lights, seeds, nutes, filters, fans, and more. Seedy helps growers learn about the latest equipment and gadgets to improve their crops. And, with a handy interactive map feature, Seedy connects app users to their local dispensaries, cannabis groups, and other local DIY growers.

The Seedy mobile app bridges the current gaps that currently exist among worldwide cannabis growers. Seedy is currently developing a platform to allow for online stores and secure accounts. With low posting fees and minimal commissions, Seedy gives DIY cannabis cultivators ultimate control over their products. Users have access to the latest trends, equipment and information making Seedy one of the most valuable cannabis apps available.

Seedy offers a number of benefits you won’t find anywhere else. With Seedy you can find all kinds of unique and rare strands of seeds and plants. Because Seedy focuses on home growers, you’ll find ideal equipment for your space. As cultivation evolves, your setup needs will grow and change. Seedy gives you access to a global market of interested buyers and sellers with all the equipment a home grower would need. Seedy also has an easy-to-use chat feature which allows users to build relationships with local home cultivators and international cultivators alike.

As the community of DIY cannabis cultivators continues to grow, Seedy is set to become the place to learn and connect with an active and knowledgeable community. Seedy provides a user-friendly interface that will only become more and more powerful as its popularity grows. As an international warehouse of information and resources, Seedy will help growers troubleshoot potential problems and ensure successful cultivation.

Whether you are looking for a place to simply learn more about equipment and cultivation best practices, or a marketplace to buy and sell cannabis and cannabis related products, the Seedy app can help.



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