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Lemon Zest by Glo Extracts Review

The Lemon Zest cartridge from Glo Extracts is that perfect anytime high that you always seem to be looking for.  The Lemon Zest strain is regarded as being one of the smoothest products that Glo Extracts has to offer.  I have heard about this cartridge from a lot of people in and around the cannabis community, and I had to get my hands on it and test it out for myself and write a review. 

First impressions are extremely important when getting a cannabis product for the first time.  As soon as I got the product from Glo Extracts, I noticed that the packaging was super dense and secure.  Another thing I noticed was all of the features with the patterned black and gold pattern on it.  Some of the features that I initially noticed on the packaging was the gold seal and the QR code called the Glotrack.


The Glotrack is a QR code verification system specifically used by Glo Extracts.  The QR code will take you to the Glo Extracts website and show you the lab results page from the cartridge that you scanned.  You can also see mood boards for every Glo Extracts product which shows you how you will feel when you use the product.

The flavor of this product is just how it sounds.  It definitely has hints of lemon to it that you can enjoy and keep coming back to.  Those hints of citrus are the perfect amount of flavor that you can have without compromising the high.  The high is that perfect hybrid that you can have during any point throughout the day and you will feel great.       



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