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Lodi Dodi by Glo Extracts Product Review

Lodi Dodi

Lodi Dodi by Glo Extracts is a strain new to Glo that is promoting happy customers and adding a new product to the catalog.  This new strain from Glo Extracts is one that keeps customers happy and has tons of features to keep customers safe.  These safety and verification feature combined with the great taste and high makes Lodi Dodi a leading strain from Glo Extracts.   

Lodi Dodi gets a lot of hype and it is for good reason.  Glo Extracts has been a leader in providing the best cannabis experience and its products go up and beyond in flavor and high.  The packaging combined with the excellent qualities and experience make Lodi Dodi by Glo Extracts a great option.

The Package

The package that the cartridge comes in from Glo Extracts is an experience in itself.  For starters, the packaging is extremely dense and you can really feel how tight it is when you feel it in your hands.  Not only is the quality of the packaging superb but it also has some excellent design qualities.  The brand new packaging from Glo Extracts is awesome in design and has some symbolic features on it.

The QR code that you will find on the packaging links directly to the Glo Extracts lab results in part of its website where you can see all of the things that are being used to create the product that you purchased.  This verification process by Glo Extracts is a standard that the rest of the industry should make practice in order to be transparent with customers and keep them safe. 



The flavor of Lodi Dodi is one that people have recently been mentioning when talking about their new favorite strains from Glo Extracts.  Lodi Dodi is packed with flavor and will put you in the best of moods. 

Glo Extracts is a leader in verifying their product and has helped the cannabis industry in so many ways!



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